Insulet Provided Glooko Sync Cables

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  • If you already have an OmniPod® USB Cable and do NOT wish to sync data from other diabetes devices or to your Android device, you do not need to use this page and are all set to start using Glooko. Simply download the free Glooko app from the App Store or Google Play, create your account and follow this link to learn how to sync your OmniPod data via your PC/Mac. 
  • If you would like to sync your OmniPod® PDM to your Android device or would like to replace a lost OmniPod® USB Cable, select from drop-down menu (A). Standard S&H rates apply.
    • If you would like to sync data from other popular diabetes devices such as a glucose meter or CGM, select from drop-down menus (B) and/or (C). Standard S&H rates apply.
    • Which Sync Cable do I need?
      • OmniPod® USB Cable: syncs OmniPod® data via your PC/Mac. It comes with your Insulet Starter Kit, only order if it is lost or stolen. ($0.00)
      • Micro-to-Mini USB Cable: syncs OmniPod® data via your Android mobile device. ($0.00)
      • MeterSync Blue: syncs data from popular meters via your Android or iOS mobile device. ($35.00)
      • Micro-to-Female USB Cable: syncs data from Bayer USB meters (Android only). ($2.50)
      • Micro-to-Micro USB Cable: syncs data from Bayer's CONTOUR NEXT and/or a Dexcom CGM (Android only). ($2.00)
      • Bluetooth integration: you do not need a Sync Cable to sync data from Bluetooth meters, simply follow the directions in the Glooko app to pair your meter. ($0.00)
      • Refer to the compatibility page to see if your diabetes device is compatible and to confirm which cable(s) you need.
      • For questions, please call Insulet Support at 1-800-591-3455.